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Pseudonym for William Sealy Gosset, British statistician, and chemist, 1876-1937. See: Student t test.


pseudonym for William Sealy Gossett, English research chemist and statistician.
Student t test - assesses the difference between, or the equality of, two or more population means.
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It uses a number for each student, tracking progress on various achievement outcomes and following them wherever they move or graduate.
For example, according to NCES's dropout calculations, if a student does not get a GED by a particular date, he or she is considered a dropout, Marchman says, but Texas' system did not count a student as a dropout as long as he or she was enrolled in a GED program.
The results of Table 1 show a positive student perception of the influence of self-set goals on academic understanding.
We encourage school counselors to use research-supported programs that have been linked to improved student outcomes.
The instrument used in this study is the modified version of Guneri, Aydin and Skovholt's (2003) version of the Student Needs Assessment Survey (SNAS) employed in their study among a large university in Turkey.
Two weeks later, Siamak, a student leader involved in the reform movement from its infancy in the early 1990s, agreed to see me.
As Stetson's Bickel puts it, "The fall of in loco parentis in the 1960s correlated exactly with the rise of student economic power and the rise of student civil rights"
It is important to be aware that reviewing prerequisites for a student with LD may mean a great deal more than just going over the material from the previous week.
A student is unable to play well without fingering accuracy.
someone who was in their desired career but who lived far away, a woman effectively balancing personal and professional lives but who worked in a different nontraditional career, a male professor in their department offering research experience but who had a difficult personality, and a female graduate student in the same field who could share academic insights but who could not fill other advocacy or supervisory roles).

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