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Pseudonym for William Sealy Gosset, British statistician, and chemist, 1876-1937. See: Student t test.
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pseudonym for William Sealy Gossett, English research chemist and statistician.
Student t test - assesses the difference between, or the equality of, two or more population means.
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These studies to a very great extent revealed that academic counselling need--in the form of time management, especially the need to improve their study habits and test taking anxiety--was rated by the student as the most significant area they desire counselling.
Student unrest in Nigeria universities: Looking back and forward.
Since then, no one has heard a peep from the once-threatening student movement.
For example, according to NCES's dropout calculations, if a student does not get a GED by a particular date, he or she is considered a dropout, Marchman says, but Texas' system did not count a student as a dropout as long as he or she was enrolled in a GED program.
is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Scholes is a graduate student in the C & I program at The University of Akron.
The Student Success Skills program is implemented through classroom guidance lessons followed by group counseling for students who need additional support.
While many of the systems they reviewed focused on academic aspects, such as what courses a student has taken and what they still need, their system "addresses the relationship with the student," she says.
The name connotes what this technique is about, for the student plays the piece, usually at three-quarter tempo performing exactly the way she wants the piece to sound up to tempo.
In March 1977, Newsweek ran a hand-wringing expose titled "The End of Expulsion?," which gave the supposed academic apocalypse some context: "In just ten years, most of the rules that once governed student life in loco parentis have simply disappeared.
Student feedback at the Corpus Christi campus was very positive.
The majority of students with learning disabilities (LD) are taught in the general education classroom today because of the trend toward inclusive services in special education.

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