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Surname of a patient in whom the Stuart or Stuart-Prower factor was first discovered.


surname of the patient in which factor was first discovered.
Stuart factor - Synonym(s): Stuart-Prower factor
Stuart-Prower factor - factor X. Synonym(s): Stuart factor
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owner Carling Police investigations are ongoing, but Stuart has been doing his own investigations.
She said: "The last text Stuart sent me, which I still have, was on his birthday in 2010, and one thing he said was, 'they say this is where life begins', but of course it didn't for him.
7 million that Stuart had borrowed from the cash value of the life insurance in 2011 was repaid to John Hancock out of the death benefits.
Pal John McKeown wrote: "Absolutely devastated to hear the tragic news about Stuart McGrady.
Stuart was not there in episode 5 of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 8.
Mining the universe for informational scraps, factual or imaginary, Stuart stored them in the substrata of her collective memory, each intuitive shard a supporting stone linking things ongoing with histories past.
There are two Paul Stuart flagship stores in Aoyama and Ginza in Tokyo, and approximately 100 shops in department stores, and outlet shops nationwide, as well as e-commerce sites, all operated by Sanyo.
WHEEL FUN: Stuart Kettell This weekend Stuart is also auditioning for Britain's Got Talent in Birmingham.
Villalva is revered, not just by RE/MAX of Stuart associates, but by many in the local real estate community.
When the family returned to the same station later that day, Stuart tried to make another "escape" as another Number 7 train pulled alongside the platform.
Stuart plays a gay office manager whose sexually confused coworker (Jonathan Bray) asks him for advice when he begins questioning his heterosexuality.