Stryker, Homer H.

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Stryker, Homer H.

U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1894–1980.
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Stryker frame

A device that supports two rectangular pieces of lightweight but strong material so that one side is on the anterior surface of the patient and the other is on the posterior surface. The patient is sandwiched firmly between the pieces of material. The device may be rotated around the patient's long axis. This permits turning the patient without his or her assistance. After a turn is completed, the uppermost portion of the frame can be moved away from the patient.

Stryker saw

An electric-powered oscillating saw that cuts through bone or dense tissue with minimal damage to the underlying soft tissues.
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Homer H., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1894-1980.
mini-Stryker power drill
Stryker bed - Synonym(s): Stryker frame
Stryker cast cutter
Stryker CircOlectric bed
Stryker drill
Stryker fracture frame
Stryker fracture table
Stryker frame - holds the patient and permits turning in various planes without individual motion of parts. Synonym(s): Stryker bed
Stryker leg exerciser
Stryker power instrumentation
Stryker saw - a rapidly oscillating saw used for cutting bone or plaster casts.
Stryker screw
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