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, pl.


(vī'ă, vī'ē; vē'ă),
Any passage in the body, as the intestine, the vagina, etc.
[L. way, road]
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(vē′ă) (vī′ă) plural.viae [L.]
Any passage in the body such as nasal, intestinal, or vaginal.
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A. ¿Cuál es la pregunta?

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"EasyPath FPGAs can now compete successfully against Structured ASICs in the areas of low cost, high volume and performance," said Rich Wawrzyniak, senior analyst for ASICs and SoC at Semico Research Corporation.
"With the combined benefits of lower prices, unmatched flexibility and conversion-free methodology of the EasyPath solution, Structured ASICs are essentially relegated to an even smaller niche," continued Veziroglu.
Wright advised anyone who is developing an ASIC to consider floor-planning as early as possible, especially if they are using a Structured ASIC. "Floor-planning is even more important with Structured ASICs than with standard cell, as the architecture of Structured ASICs forces you to use certain cells.
"The only real weakness with the Structured ASIC value proposition," Wright conceded, "is that you have to learn what each vendor's process can and cannot do." These design challenges meant that both synthesis and layout took longer than expected, but fabrication was right on schedule and the whole project was completed in 47 weeks.
Structured ASIC combines the features of FPGA, standard-cell and standard products.
Today, designers face more options for silicon integration than ever before, including standard-cell ASICs, FPGAs, structured ASICs and ASSPs.
A good rule of thumb is that an FPGA maps nicely into a Structured ASIC two generations old in terms of performance (for example: 90 nm FPGA ills into 0.18 m Structured ASIC).

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