structural integration

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structural integration

a technique of deep massage intended to help in the realignment of the body by altering the length and tone of myofascial tissues. The basis of the practice is the belief that misalignment of myofascial tissues, a result of improper posture and emotional and physical traumas, may have a detrimental effect on a person's energy level, self-image, muscular efficiency, perceptions, and general health. Also called Rolfing.

structural integration

(1) Rolfing, see there.
(2) Awareness-oriented structural therapy, see there.
(3) Any of a number of bodywork techniques intended to reorganise and integrate the body in relationship to gravity, by manipulating soft tissues and/or correcting inappropriate patterns of movement and rebalance the body and nervous system.

Central to structural integration therapies is the belief that the fascia is not a series of single units enveloping muscle, but rather an interconnected system that extends from the top of the head to the toes; according to this construct, disease occurs when the fascial system becomes indurated and constricted through the vicissitudes of emotional stress, habitual poor posture, repetitive use syndrome, trauma and others. Anecdotal evidence suggests that structural integration may be effective for allergies, arthritis, flat feet, gastrointestinal complaints, low back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, tennis elbow, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome and other conditions.

struc·tu·ral in·teg·ra·tion

(strŭk'shŭr-ăl in-te-grā'shŭn)
A bodywork modality focusing on fascial manipulation, increased body awareness, and movement education. Intended to improve postural balance and functional ease by aligning and integrating the body in relationship to gravity.
See also: deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy

structural integration,

n See Rolfing.
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With the structural integration of Cog-nis expected to be completed by year-end, BASF executives are confident that the company is well positioned for future global growth.
Completion of the structural integration is targeted for the end of 2011.
BASF aims to complete the structural integration of Cognis by the end of next year.
It is a major step toward completing the structural integration and building out our all-new interior.
I then went on to study KMI Structural Integration with Thomas Myers of Maine.
The book includes three appendices: Appendix 1 explains Dr Louis Shultz's work on meridians of latitude, Appendix 2 looks at structural integration, and Appendix 3 compares myofascial meridians with those found in oriental medicine.
Myofascial Release and Structural Integration each address both muscle and fascial tissue.
The seminar attended by the concerned FBR Members, all Chief Commissioners from the Field Formations as well as Commissioners IP, DG (IMS), CEO (PRAL) and GM (PRAL) discussed a broad range of issues related with IP to identify a clear roadmap for better cross verification of information and broadening of tax base in the wake of functional and structural integration of domestic taxes within the FBR.
Some aspects of structural integration in language and music appear to be shared.
Neil, 40, of Skelton Green, is one of the first in the region to be certified in structural integration - a recognised system of deep tissue manipulation and movement education.
Among Rabke's specialties are massage, structural integration and Feldenkrais, a form of movement therapy designed to promote muscle flexibility, release tension and enhance balance.
5 million is a prime link in the structural integration of Brazilian economy, both internally and internationally.

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