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a town in Scotland for which the element is named.
strontium (Sr) - a metallic element, atomic no. 38.
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A police spokesman said: "We can confirm that a woman has died following an incident involving a vehicle in the Strontian area of Lochaber.
"The innovative work of parents and the wider Strontian community, alongside construction companies and Highland Council, has given local young people a fit-for-purpose school they can be proud of for years to come."
Just three days after a fire above Strontian was put out, another started in Glen Tarbert, five miles from the village.
She described how last May, MacPherson, 44, was driving his 38-tonner on a single-track road near Strontian, Ardnamurchan, on the West Coast.
The entire 6,000 acre Glensanda Estate lies within the Strontian Granite Complex, the largest granite mass in the U.K., and reserves with planning permission within the 250 acre quarry boundary exceed 450 Mt.
A TEACHER fired after telling a pupil they were on his "s*** list" has been struck off Andrew Kerr, 55, who taught physics at Ardnamurchan High School in Strontian, Lochaber, also said: "Shut the f*** up", and "You should f***ing know that."
The 39-year-old is to appear at Fort William Sheriff Court tomorrow after the blaze at remote Glen Tarbert near Strontian earlier this month.
(Strontian); 40 Venus; 41 Noon; 42 Merlot; 43 Australia; 44 Judaism; 45 Doc Marten's boots; 46 Sofia
(1969) A polycratonic strontian heulandite; comments on crystal chemistry and classification of heulandite and clinoptilolite.
The woman, Linda MacGillivray, who lived near Strontian, in Lochaber, was killed in the tragic incident involving a Honda CRV car.
Andrew Kerr, who taught physics at Ardnamurchan High School in Strontian, reportedly told the fifth-year youngster: "If you were on my s*** list before, where do you think you are now?" It's claimed he said: "Shut the f*** up", and "You should f*** know that."