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a town in Scotland for which the element is named.
strontium (Sr) - a metallic element, atomic no. 38.
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Just three days after a fire above Strontian was put out, another started in Glen Tarbert, five miles from the village.
Andrew Kerr, who taught physics at Ardnamurchan High School in Strontian, reportedly told the fifth-year youngster: "If you were on my s*** list before, where do you think you are now?
The 39-year-old is to appear at Fort William Sheriff Court tomorrow after the blaze at remote Glen Tarbert near Strontian earlier this month.
1969) A polycratonic strontian heulandite; comments on crystal chemistry and classification of heulandite and clinoptilolite.
It was feared a fire he lit at Carnoch Estate in March 2013 would engulf the village of Strontian, Argyll, and it took two days to put out.
SEPTEMBER 22 Mark Steel, The Sunart Centre/Arainn Shuaineirt, Strontian See September 20.
Given the undoubted "world class" status of the mineral collections, especially of the material from Leadhills and Wanlockhead, Strontian and the many classic Scottish zeolite localities, it will be a tragedy if the new developments not only deprive visitors of the previous mineralogical exhibits but also fail to put Scottish minerals at the center of the new Natural History galleries and displays.
The first of the two moor and forest fires, on March 27 last year, was two miles wide and there were fears it might reach Strontian, Argyll.
Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham, Sunart Centre, Strontian Fiddle and accordion duo continue to set the standard.
A broken nodule sprinkled with small celestine crystals bore only the string "eudon," but this was enough to convince us it was part of Lot 1765: "Dioxinite Sulphate of Strontian on Flint, Bas Meudon, near Paris" Meudon is the "type locality" for dioxynite, described from here by Hauy (Traite de Mineralogie) in 1822.
Speaking as she boarded her flight from the UK, Hazel , who's originally from Strontian, Lochaber, said:"Robbie has been welcomed throughout Russia and Mongolia.