Strongylus vulgaris

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Stron·gy·lus vul·ga·'ris

a bloodsucking species found chiefly in the cecum of horses and other equids; in the course of their migration, larvae commonly lodge in the wall of the posterior aorta, causing wall damage and the development of verminous aneurysms in this vessel, especially in the anterior mesenteric arteries.


a genus of roundworms in the family Strongylidae. Called also redworm. See also strongylosis.

Strongylus asini
found in the large intestine of the ass and wild equids.
Strongylus edentatus
found in the large intestine of horses.
Strongylus equinus
found in the cecum and colon of equids.
Strongylus tremletti
found in the rhinoceros.
Strongylus vulgaris
found in the large intestine of equids; larval stages are found in the anterior mesenteric and other arteries.