stress riser

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stress ris·er

(stres rīz'ĕr),
A mechanical defect, such as a hole, in bone or other materials, which concentrates stress in the area and increases the risk of failure of the bone or material at that site.
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The shape of these specimens creates a stress concentration, which is where the specimen will ultimately fail or rupture.
Based on the theory of fracture mechanics and stress concentration, the fracture-splitting process of the 36MnVS4 and C70S6 connecting rods are conducted via simulation, using ANSYS / LS-DYNA.
The working surface is at point c, the working face stress concentration coefficient is [K.sub.1], and the working face stress reduction coefficient is [K.sub.2].
With applied loading, atoms surrounding the vacancy exhibit a disordered phenomenon, which leads to lattice distortion and stress concentration. Plastic deformation of [gamma]-TiAl alloy occurs in the place of stress concentration.
In the dense particle distribution area, the stress concentration is more obvious and the stress isolines are denser when the particle positions are closer.
The elongation increased a little from 6.9% to 7.2% with the increase in Ca addition from 0.16% to 0.32%, while decreased to 6.5% when the Ca addition increased to 0.64% due to the stress concentration around the large second phase which can be found more in the 0.64% Ca-containing alloy, and this stress concentration can finally lead to fracture.
Local load is a kind of nonuniform load, and when a sample is under the effect of local load, it will be an obvious local effect in its interior, such as local deformation, local stress concentration, etc., which can magnify the influence of load on the sample to some extent; in the samples, there are preset holes which can also intensify the local effect, including local stress concentration and increase of new cracks.
Studies have shown that under load maximum tensile stresses are on palatal aspect of the denture.15 Factors that contribute to stress concentration will propagate cracks influencing rate of failure.
Any discontinuity could cause a stress concentration point when the over-molded assembly is bent, and this could damage the flex.
The mining stress concentration and fault activation due to faults easily result in rock bursts and mine seismicity.