stress riser

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stress ris·er

(stres rīz'ĕr),
A mechanical defect, such as a hole, in bone or other materials, which concentrates stress in the area and increases the risk of failure of the bone or material at that site.
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One factor that can lead to the occurrence of micro-cracks and stress concentration areas is the repeated attaching and detaching of the test specimen to the horn.
The corrosion at the metallization edge exhibited a notch shape with high stress concentration factor.
Conductor width changes can create stress concentration points that may ultimately lead to conductor cracks.
In PBT/SEBS/SEBS-g-MA systems, also the stress-strain plots were quite similar, although due to a degree of compatibilization, the stress concentration is decreased, which led to a marginal increase in the yield stress and quite a substantial enhancement of elongation (Fig.
For this particular pipeline, the resulting dent stress concentration factor was 3.
Biocorrosion-abfraction is the damaging of enamel due to a combination of caries and stress concentration.
Chaab; Response of morphologic and physiologic two variety canola to stress concentration of lead
A gradual taper allows for a smooth transition of load distribution from the edge to the center so as to minimize the possibility for a stress concentration from the sample edge and to focus the failure in the gauge section of the sample (Kretschmann 2008).
Cracking was apparent in areas of high stress concentration where the rubber hose bent back on itself due to the bulge.
A Study of Mesh Influence In Numerical Modelling of Stress Concentration In Textile, Annals of DAAAM for 2007 & Proceedings of the 18th International DAAAM Symposium, 24-27th October 2007, Zadar, Croatia, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 3-901509-58-5, Katalinic, B.
Contrast sphere and ellipse model, the sphere has more high stress concentration probability than ellipse one.
However, in comparison with these alloys, the single crystal alloys are characterised by the high sensitivity to stress concentration, especially the single crystal carbon-containing alloys of the type ZhS6F and ZhS32, whose stress concentration coefficient 11smooth1notch/K[sub.