stress riser

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stress ris·er

(stres rīz'ĕr),
A mechanical defect, such as a hole, in bone or other materials, which concentrates stress in the area and increases the risk of failure of the bone or material at that site.
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The atomic bonds would then be broken to form voids under the external force stress concentration around the void, causing atomic bond ruptures that form micro-cracks.
Any discontinuity could cause a stress concentration point when the over-molded assembly is bent, and this could damage the flex.
Misalignment is probably the most common, single cause of failure, due to misalignment; the pinion does not mesh properly with the gear during operation, and this lead to a high stress concentration at the surface of gears.
The mining stress concentration and fault activation due to faults easily result in rock bursts and mine seismicity.
The root notch was found at portion A where severe stress concentration occurred with low nominal stress and progressive advancement of crack towards the outside diameter of the component as shown in figure3.
Figure 4 plots stress concentration factors (SCFs) computed for each tested dent based on strain gage measurements, where the SCF is the ratio of stress measured in the dent to stress measured in the base pipe.
4 wt% CNTs, the specimens initially exhibited an increase in their stiffness, yet they failed quickly in terms of both, strength as well as elongation to failure; it was explained by the presence of CNTs agglomerations and the resulting stress concentration.
Design aspects that serve as points of stress concentration will increase the apparent brittle response of the material.
Early research studies mainly concentrated on proposing theoretical stress concentration factors using elasticity theory.
When a fiber ruptured, neighboring fibers in close contact with that fiber were broken easily due to the stress concentration occurring in neighboring fibers.