Streptococcus sanguis

Strep·to·coc·cus san·guis

a bacterial species originally found in the so-called vegetation on heart valves from cases of subacute bacterial endocarditis; occasionally found in infected sinuses and teeth and in house dust.
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The biofilm plays an important role in the cause of tooth decay, the cariogenic microorganisms such as Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sanguis, Streptococcus salivarius, Streptococcus mitis, Streptococcus oralis and Lactobacillus acidophilus play a vital role in the etiology of the dental caries (11).
rotunda to contain panduratin A, an active compound that is able to reduce the spread of Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sanguis and Actinomyces viscosus in human mouth (Yanti et al.
This could be explained according to the fact that certain bacterial species have been proposed to be protective or beneficial to the host, including Streptococcus sanguis.
The highest bacterial contamination observed was for Escherichia coli (60%) followed by Streptococcus faecalis (26%), Entrobacter cloacae (16%), Streptococcus bovis (14%), Bacillus cereus (10%), Streptococcus thermophilus (10%), Obesumbacterium proteus (8%), Streptococcus sanguis I (8%) and Streptococcus uberis (8%).
Streptococcus mutans, lactobacilli and Streptococcus sanguis in plaque from abutment teeth of cemented and of loose retainers.
Experimental infections with Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus sanguis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Bacteroides fragilis in the jaws of dogs.
Association between the 65-kilodalton heat shock protein, Streptococcus sanguis, and the corresponding antibodies in Behcet's syndrome.
The concentration of cefazolin in all samples was assessed in a blinded manner with a microbiologic plate assay performed in triplicate, using plates seeded with Streptococcus sanguis.
5-100 [micro]g/ml for Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sobrinus, Streptococcus cricetus, Streptococcus salivarius, Streptococcus sanguis, Streptococcus oralis, Streptococcus mitis, Streptococcus gordonii, Lactobacillus casei and S.
Characterisation of Streptococcus sanguis isolated from patients with Behcet's disease.
La concentracion inhibitoria minima de miel para Streptococcus oralis fue 12%, para Streptococcus anginosus 17%, y para Streptococcus gordonii, Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus salivarius, Streptococcus sanguis y Streptococcus sobrinus fue 25%.
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