Strawberry Fields

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A regional street term for LSD, after the Beatles song by the same name
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The former Woolton children's home - which was immortalised in John Lennon's song Strawberry Fields Forever - is to become a training centre and cafe under plans put forward by building owners The Salvation Army.
The 40th anniversary of classic Fab Four hit Strawberry Fields Forever was marked with Strawberry Day which involved a range of activities.
THE children's home that inspired Beatles hit Strawberry Fields Forever is to close.
a A cocktail called Strawberry Fields has been created specifically for the venue by Alma de Cuba.
LIVERPOOL bars Alma de Santiago and Babycream have created an original cocktail to celebrate 40 years of cult Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever.
In New York fans gathered at the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park.
Joey said he felt he had to do something after seeing how upset visitors were when they saw the iconic gates - made famous by the John Lennon-penned Beatles classic Strawberry Fields Forever - painted partially yellow, along with an adjacent wall.
It was immortalised in Strawberry Fields Forever, which is how long Americans Paul and Linda - who live in Liverpool, New York state -say they plan their marriage to last.
John you know you should be glad" had been daubed on the wall next to the gates - which became a place of pilgrimage for fans of the Fab Four after John Lennon penned the song Strawberry Fields Forever.