Strawberry Fields

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A regional street term for LSD, after the Beatles song by the same name
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Strawberry Fields was a double A-side with Penny Lane and got to No2 in the charts in 1967.
Belle View is one of the most popular house names in the Midlands, alongside Rose Cottage and Strawberry Fields.
THE original gates of the children's home which inspired the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever, will go on display in Liverpool.
The name of the home became world famous in 1967, with the release of The Beatles single, Strawberry Fields Forever, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
In New York fans gathered at the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park.
Strawberry Fields, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Hey Jude, Help, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Yesterday are just some of the songs lined up for Beatlemania's concert at the Benn Hall.
In 1966, he wrote Strawberry Fields Forever while reminiscing about his childhood, when he used to jump over the wall to play in ths e grounds with his friends.
PENNY Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever were released as a double A side in February 1967, topping the charts in Britain and America.
Entertainment will be provided by comedian Paul Levent and bands Johnny and the Zephyrs and Strawberry Fields.
it happens John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever in 1966 while working on a film in Spain, reminiscing about his childhood when he used to climb over the wall and play in the children's home grounds.
The 40th anniversary of classic Fab Four hit Strawberry Fields Forever was marked with Strawberry Day which involved a range of activities.
Strawberry Fields Forever made it to the number two spot, narrowly beating another Fab Four classic I Am The Walrus.