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A regional term for depressants
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May I offer you some strawberries? Would you like to look at my father's bargains?
Lecount's plump hands descended on his shoulders, put him softly back in his chair, and restored the plate of strawberries to its former position on his lap.
Noel, with a few more strawberries," she said, "and leave Miss Garth to me."
He put away the plate of strawberries among his father's bargains.
"Still it belongs to government, and I ought not to waste it; but, having received the signal that I might rest for an hour" (here he glanced at the sun-dial, for there was everything in the enclosure of Montlhery, even a sun-dial), "and having ten minutes before me, and my strawberries being ripe, when a day longer -- by-the-by, sir, do you think dormice eat them?"
Ah, those gentlemen never choose the worst morsels; like Mere Simon's son, who has not chosen the worst strawberries. But this year," continued the horticulturist, "I'll take care it shall not happen, even if I should be forced to sit by the whole night to watch when the strawberries are ripe." Monte Cristo had seen enough.
Neither the beef nor the strawberries and cream seemed happy, either - seemed discontented like.
If you'd 'a' studied natural history the way you ought, you would know that all over the world except just here in Arkansaw they ALWAYS hunt strawberries with a dog--and a lantern--"
Supersweet British Strawberries (400g) PS2, Tesco 10/ Grower's Selection British Strawberries (454g) PS2, Asda A PROPER strawberry shape with unblemished skin and a good size.
Grower's Selection British Strawberries (454g) PS2, Asda THE smell, when we peeled back the film, was enticing and the strawberries were clean and a uniform size.
Summer is here which means two things - Wimbledon and Scottish strawberries - both ready to be enjoyed!
Verdict: Worth the price tag 9/10 Red Diamond Strawberries (300g) PS2, MARKS & SPENCER A STUNNING, deep red, good even size and had a lovely fresh smell.