Straus reaction

Straus re·ac·tion

a diagnostic test for glanders. Male guinea pigs are inoculated intraperitoneally with suspected material; if the glanders organism is present, it will usually set up a necrotizing inflammation in the scrotal sac within a few days and the specific organism can be confirmed bacteriologically.
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Straus reaction

An obsolete biological assay in which clinical material—e.g., pus—is obtained from patients or animals with glanders and injected into male guinea pigs; if the causative agent Pseudomonas mallei is present, it induces necrotising scrotal and testicular inflammation.
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Isidore, French physician, 1845-1896.
Straus reaction - a diagnostic test for glanders.
Straus sign - in facial paralysis, if an injection of pilocarpine is followed by sweating on the affected side later than on the other, the lesion is peripheral.
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