Weapon of Mass Destruction

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A man-made or -modified artifice designed to kill or maim large numbers of humans and/or cause major damage to man-made or natural structures, or to the planet itself
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In support of the Strategic Weapon System, BAE Systems will modify and update system test procedures and plan for and participate in SWS testing during submarine overhaul, refit and backfit.
Service frequency, of course, is a strategic weapon for high market share distributors.
We have achieved new and strategic weapons with special specifications and despite the US saying that it is not concerned about these weapons, it cannot conceal its concerns," Fadavi said in an interview with Iran-based Arabic-language al-Alam news channel on Tuesday.
Kevin Campbell, global managing partner for business-process management with Andersen Consulting's outsourcing unit, confirms the trend: "Outsourcing has moved from a cost-reduction tactic to a strategic weapon.
Custom tailored to address the audience most interested in client companies' investment appeal, Kei's approach transforms investor relations into a strategic weapon for the development and enhancement of shareholder value.
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation:Basic Order Agreement (BOA) N00030-16-G-0053 Order for TRIDENT II (D5) Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Navigation Subsystem support of AS-3896B Antenna Removal
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observed the missile launch, describing it as a "world-level strategic weapon," according to KCNA.
Presolicitation: Strategic Weapon Interactive Trainer (Swit)
On the occasion COAS appreciated the troops on displaying a very high standard of proficiency in handling and operating these strategic weapon systems, said the release.
I am very glad I have this opportunity, after the years I have spent doing strategic weapon design to implement my knowledge and experience in such an exciting direction" stated Dr.
Presolicitation: Trident ii (d5) strategic systems programs (ssp) shipboard system integration (ssi) strategic weapon system (sws) navigation subsystem effort.
The 'Deceit Perfume' is considered as a highly effective and strategic weapon for civil defense, and for pushing back enemy threats, surprise attacks and offenses," Sadeh Pir-Tavana said.

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