Strategic Health Authority

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Strategic Health Authority

Any of the 10 regional bodies which manage the local NHS on behalf of central UK government and the Secretary of State, acting as the local headquarters for the NHS and providing the bridge between the Department of Health and local health-service organisations, including the local NHS Trusts and primary care trusts (PCTs). SHAs are responsible for strategic planning and performance management of health services in their area. Their remit is to ensure that the health of the locals is maintained and improved, and that they have faster access to modern, high-quality and cost-effective health services when they need them, making sure national target areas are met and services expanded as needed.

 Organisational structure
A board of executive and non-executive directors runs each SHA. The non-executive directors are Government appointees; the executive directors are appointed by the chairperson (a non-executive member) of the SHA. SHAs are monitored by the Department of Health’s Directorates of Health & Social Care.

SHA Timeline
When the NHS was created in the late 1940s, England was divided into Regional Hospital Boards. These were replaced by Regional Health Authorities (RHAs), which were operational from 1974 to 1996, after which they were reorganised into approximately 100 NHS Health Authorities. In 2002, these were consolidated into 28 SHAs, which were reduced in 2006 to 10.

STA responsibilities
• Develop plans for improving health services in their local area;
• Ensure that local health services are of a high quality and are performing well;
• Increase capacity of local health services so they can provide more services; and
• Integrate national priorities (e.g., programmes for improving cancer services) into local health service plans.
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Table 1a - Admitted data by Strategic Health Authority
The selection panel will be made up of a local business organisation, a senior public health professional and representatives from the Olympic legacy group at the strategic health authority.
There's some confusion over whether the trust was ever promised a pounds 15 million "transitional payment" by the old West Midlands South Strategic Health Authority, which disbanded last year.
Also, could someone tell me when the Southport and Ormskirk Trust became part of the Merseyside and Cheshire Strategic Health Authority?
The strategic health authority has not so far suggested fluoridation.
Knowledge of post traumatic stress disorder is greater today than it was in 2006 when the ex-soldier shot dead family members, the North East Strategic Health Authority says, and every option for further improvement will be taken.
David Stout, executive director of finance and communications at the North East Strategic Health Authority, will receive his award from the Queen at Buckingham Palace later in the year in recognition of a career spanning 31 years in the health service.
The North East Strategic Health Authority yesterday approved the pounds 464m development at Wynyard Park.
Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority will have the final say in whether to put the chemical, which is believed to have dental benefits for children, in the water supply.
The news comes on the back of a visit from the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, who said that the hospital staff are making massive great strides in improving ways of working on the wards.
Hopes that the hospital would get pounds 15million from the strategic health authority to tide it over this year have been dashed.
Elisabeth Buggins, chair of Birmingham and The Black Country Strategic Health Authority, said: "The merger will release pounds 7.5 million savings to be reinvested into front line services.

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