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Gustav A., 19th-century German physiologist. See: Strassburg test.
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Herders Begegnung dem Goethe in Strassburg vom 1769 war also auch deshalb so bedeutsam in Goethes Leben, da er beim Durchlesen des Herderschen Manuskriptes zumindest an sieben Stellen Rousseau als Sprachdenker antreffen konnte (8).
Strassburg, the daughter of Susan Strassburg and James Skinner, plans to attend OSU and study visual arts.
Wang Xun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (349-400) dreamed of receiving a writing brush that was "as large as a roof rafter" (Chen 1985, 37; Strassburg 2008, 160-61).
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A la question posee par son titre << The Scribe of the Oaths of Strassburg : What was his Nationality ?
1211-5 Se escribe la epopeya de Tristan e Isolda, de Gottfried von Strassburg.
New employees in the accounting department are: Lisa Brady, accounts payable manager; Crystal Boskofsky, accounts payable; Yan Chen, general ledger accountant; and Sharlene Strassburg, accounts payable clerk.
He very correctly invokes the importance of Strassburg and above all of Bullinger's Zurich--not Calvin's Geneva.
Four professional Wisconsin cartoonists will judge the contest: Joe Heller of the Press-Gazette and Heller Syndication, Stuart Carlson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Universal Press Syndicate, Phil Hands of the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison, and Brian Strassburg of the Isthmus newspaper in Madison.
In 1924 he was appointed Professor of Surgery in Strassburg.