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Gustav A., 19th-century German physiologist. See: Strassburg test.
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The grant came from the Bas-Rhin Chamber of Commerce which manages Strasbourg airport.
The so-called 'travelling circus' shuffles between Brussels and Strasbourg because France wants to hang on to the prestige of hosting the European Parliament in its country every month.
These assumptions are at odds with the low level of witch-hunting activity during Baldung's lifetime and the fact that the bibliography of Strasbourg imprints prior to 1547 lists only four entries under the heading "Witchcraft" with not a single publication of the Malleus maleficarum.
But the new building in Strasbourg was the final straw for me.
The Strasbourg experience dearly underlies these approaches.
Then Strasbourg appointed a new president, who insisted the 27-year-old star was not for sale.
Our Mayor is not one to harbour grudges, even if she does have great difficulty persuading British Euro-MPs that the European Parliament should be permanently based in Strasbourg.
He is set to meet with Turkish citizens living in Strasbourg.
But earlier this month a large section of the ceiling inside the Strasbourg parliament's chamber collapsed.
Strasbourg is the gateway to the Alsace Wine Road, a 170km run through acres of vineyards.
This week, Ryanair announced it was ending the only direct flights between the UK and Strasbourg.
Every month, thousands of politicians, researchers and officials decamp from the Parliament's main base in Brussels and travel 300 miles to Strasbourg for a four-day stay.