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A form of restraint used to subdue overactive, unruly, violent, or inebriated subjects to prevent them from harming themselves and others, which consists of occluding the upper airway by compressing the thyroid cartilage and displacing the tongue posteriorly; the choke hold is more dangerous than the carotid sleeper, which cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, but does not compromise the airways
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The Italians have had a strangle-hold on the World Cup in recent years but we might be able to change that this year.
But then the Seagulls had their wings clipped as Cardiff took a strangle-hold on proceedings with that two-goal salvo.
Already leading the series 2-0, England entered the first of back-to-back matches this weekend looking to maintain their strangle-hold over Zimbabwe after convincing five-wicket and 161-run victories in the opening two matches in Harare.
Whether that knowledge makes us ashamed, as the author also intends, and whether collective guilt can be transformed into a political force practical, positive, and powerful enough to relax poverty's strangle-hold on millions of Americans remains to be seen.
All of us out here that are sitting and frying in the Valley of the Sun are getting sick of Site Design's strangle-hold on Arizona skatepark design.
Konanykhine's background is somewhat murky, perhaps even troubling, but this much is certain: He is a man who blew the whistle on the KGB's continuing strangle-hold on Russia, particularly its banking industry.
Kennedy was delighted to help Celtic bounce back from their Champions League exit with a victory that maintains their strangle-hold on the SPL.
The Government is reportedly taking the next major step towards relieving the British telecommunications giants' strangle-hold on the provision of such services to Barbadians.
Ipswich took a strangle-hold on the match with a three-goal barrage inside five minutes.
This season, for the first time in years, a trio of clubs from the north are threatening to break the strangle-hold of teams from the south on the top places.
They eventually broke the strangle-hold with a boundary apiece off Vasbert Drakes in the 56th over.