Storm Surge

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An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane, tropical cyclone or other storm over water
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Fran inflicted the most damage in Raleigh and along North Carolina's barrier islands just east of Wilmington, where it pounced up the Cape Fear River with 115 mph wind and pushed a storm surge of water 11 feet in places.
Significant storm surge losses resulting from Hurricane Katrina highlighted the need to better assess and manage storm surge risk," said Virkud.
The activity aims to provide knowledge and skills on the residents on what to do in times of disasters and emergencies, especially storm surge resulting from typhoons.
Despite a mix-up that resulted in some confusion among volunteers and a flat tire that temporarily delayed the evacuation of victims, disaster management officials said Sunday that the largest barangay (village) in the City of Manila was ready to respond to storm surges.
Survey findings from forecasters, emergency managers, broadcast meteorologists, and the public pave the way toward more effective communication of storm surge forecasts associated with tropical and extratropical cyclones.
Sandy hit the New York Metro area during high tide, which dramatically increased the height of the storm surge.
In Harvey's case, though it made landfall as a Category 4 storm, it only caused a storm surge of just over six feet at its highest point, and its power quickly faded.
Based on the uncertainty of the final landfall and potential increase of rainfall and storm surge, EPA plans to discharge approximately 40 million gallons of wastewater to ensure there is adequate storage on-site for additional rainfall and reduce risks of uncontrolled releases.
The threat of catastrophic storm surge flooding is highest along the southwest coast of Florida, where 10 to 15 feet of inundation above ground level is expected.
Hurricane Irma will "likely bring dangerous wind, storm surge, and rainfall" to Dominican Republic, Haiti, the southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos starting Wednesday and into Friday.
We present a hazard assessment tool for wave and storm surge warning areas based on precomputed simulations using synthetic tropical cyclone events.
Disaster authorities would be moving out 207,774 families or over a million people living in flood, landslide, lahar flow and storm surge prone areas in three cities and 15 towns in Albay.