Storm Surge

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An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane, tropical cyclone or other storm over water
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The water level sensors will now use more efficient and accurate radar, while the meteorological station has a unique system to keep its equipment above the storm surge.
8 million homes at risk of storm surge in 2015 with an RCV of $939 billion, and the Gulf Coast has just under 2.
Storm Surge issues a clarion call to address our planet's inexorably rising tides.
Wright's report also revealed that Christchurch has already seen the impact as earthquakes have increased the region's vulnerability to storm surges and floods as a result of land loss.
Workers piled sandbags along the streets and erected a sand berm to hold back the storm surge before the next high tide.
Prompt action is needed most in Asia and Africa where, today, large parts of the coastal population are already affected by storm surge flooding.
Keywords: sea level rise, storm surge, tropical cyclone risk, flood risk, southern Africa
Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City Conference (2009: Brooklyn, NY) Ed.
The physical damage and economic loss that result from storm surge can be devastating to individuals, businesses, infrastructure and communities," Friedland says.
It has been a good tool for alerting people to possible impacts from storm-force winds, but it overlooks other hurricane-related impacts that are more devastating, such as storm surge and tornadoes.
Hurricanes, for example, can push walls of water ahead of them, like the storm surge that did most of the damage to New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina swept through in 2005.
of Alabama at Birmingham) assembles 13 technical papers from the First International Workshop on Wind Storm and Storm Surge Mitigation Construction: Issues of Storm, Shelter, and Safety, held in Bangladesh in December 2005.