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* The report discusses storage virtualization based on implementation technology as host-based, network-based, or system-based.
Unlike other 'virtual appliances' that are on the market, all of DataCore's storage virtualization SAN software - SANmelody, SANsymphony, Traveller and the new VM Starter SAN - can all run on VMs.
Storage virtualization is anything but new, even if the phrase is new to the SMB.
Storage virtualization is, after all, just one variation of a very familiar phenomenon.
VERITAS makes its storage virtualization software available across heterogeneous servers, storage, and operating systems giving organizations the freedom to create the storage management environment that best meets their needs.
In this way, storage virtualization "insulates" servers from the physical complexities of the storage devices, such as cabling, disk and array capacity limits, and differences in make or model.
* Hitachi Command Suite (HCS): The latest version of the award-winning Hitachi integrated management platform supports the new global storage virtualization features in SVOS, and offers a common REST API across the platform, as well as an updated, streamlined user interface.
Summary: Research from a global survey by BridgeHead Software, the Healthcare Storage Virtualization (HSV) company, has revealed that medical images, scanned documents, email and advances towards the Electronic Patient Record (EPR EoACAo also known as the Electronic Health Record (EHR)) are the likely causes for the upsurge in healthcare data
Still, managing and maintaining thousands of disk drives became an ever more onerous task.<p>The latest answer to this dilemma is storage virtualization, which adds a new layer of software and/or hardware between storage systems and servers, so that applications no longer need to know on which specific drives, partitions or storage subsystems their data resides.
DataCore Software, the leading provider of storage virtualization software, has scooped up the Virtualization Product of the Year Award at Network Computing Magazine's prestigious 2008 Annual Awards dinner at the Tower Hotel in London, beating stiff category competition from semi-finalists VMware, Citrix, Vizioncore and NetApp.
In order to maximize the utilization of various disk drives within an array, vendors have implemented storage virtualization at the array level.