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sinoatrial node


A gene on chromosome 3q13.2 that encodes a probable catalytic component of the NAA11-NAA15 complex with alpha (N-terminal) acetyltransferase activity.
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Customers were experienced in networking from the Ethernet world, which created expectations of being able to create more expansive storage networks than those based only on loop-address-based hubs and loop switches.
Storage network security also directly links to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
Beyond the ability to virtualize storage, which is really the defining attribute of any intelligent storage network, consider whether the solution can also replicate and mirror data at each port across a heterogeneous, virtualized storage resource.
Enterprises must write storage network security standards and prove that they have consistently adhered to organizational policies and standards, prove that they can control and track the duplication of the records, show that these records are complete, and demonstrate that archives are tamper resistant.
Netliant, the leading provider of web-based products that drastically accelerate the marketing and sales of enterprise network solutions, has launched Netliant for Storage Networks, the next generation of automated planning and design solutions for equipment manufacturers, resellers, SIs, and VAR organizations responsible for marketing and selling complex Storage Area network solutions.
iVivity's new funding, coupled with proven customer traction and unique technology places them in the forefront of the storage network processor space," said Michael Peterson, president, Strategic Research Corporation.
The strategic independence of the storage network backbone has empowered enterprise IT professionals to build and manage a more universal, utility-based infrastructure that can scale beyond the limitations of traditional SAN fabrics.
This alliance enables enterprises with Brocade SANs to use TrueSAN's Cloudbreak Storage Operating System to maximize the ROI benefits of their storage networks," stated Tom Isakovich, President and CEO of TrueSAN.
SNIA reasons that SMI-S will reduce the cost of storage management by providing a single management console for heterogeneous storage networks, eliminating the need to manage each device with a separate management application, and enabling any SMI-S compliant management application to discover and control conforming devices in the storage network.
The iDiSX system on a chip storage network processor sets the standard for an application programmable platform.
The least expensive--and by far the least complex--route to a dedicated backup network is through a dedicated GbE storage network (subnet) that connects multiple computers to centralized data storage devices--using standard Ethernet and the recently standardized iSCSI block storage protocol.
The exciting IP Storage concept (a storage network built on Internet Protocol) is gaining considerable momentum as it enables block data to be transmitted over longer distances than Fibre Channel using the widespread TCP/IP infrastructure.

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