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sinoatrial node
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A gene on chromosome 3q13.2 that encodes a probable catalytic component of the NAA11-NAA15 complex with alpha (N-terminal) acetyltransferase activity.
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International Workshop on Storage Network Architecture and Parallel I/Os (5th: 2008: Baltimore, MD)
While this approach simplifies management by centralizing the volume management function, introducing a general-purpose server lacking specialized hardware and sufficient processing power at the core of storage network infrastructure inevitably limits performance scalability in enterprise environments.
No additional headcount or specialists are needed to specifically manage the storage network either.
* Management Layer: includes the administration of every storage device, every bit and byte of data, and the storage network as a whole.
iSCSI over TCP/IP, strategically, will provide the capability to leverage any existing LAN technology and knowledge base to field storage networks quickly and efficiently.
QLogic designs and produces solutions based on all storage network technologies including SCSI, iSCSI, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel.
As the demand for increasingly more complex management and/or speeds appears then high speed Fibre Channel is a good choice for a storage network.
"EMC and Cisco share a common view that, in order to maximize performance and scalability while also protecting customers' existing investments in functionality, storage virtualization is best implemented on the storage network," said Todd Oseth, vice president, Storage Infrastructure Software, EMC Corporation.
Under the terms of the agreement CNT will implement 28 UltraNet Storage Directors-eXtended and four FC/9000 Fibre Channel/FICON Directors together with storage network monitoring, maintenance and capacity planning services.
The storage network can be effectively transported to provide a logically integrated, geographically dispersed, intelligent storage network.
Storage networking solutions provider McDATA Corp (Nasdaq: MCDTA) has had its storage network technology implemented by T-Systems Switzerland, an information and communications technology company.

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