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sinoatrial node


A gene on chromosome 3q13.2 that encodes a probable catalytic component of the NAA11-NAA15 complex with alpha (N-terminal) acetyltransferase activity.
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As the demand for increasingly more complex management and/or speeds appears then high speed Fibre Channel is a good choice for a storage network.
Security in the storage network is a major enterprise concern.
External server-based appliances that are implemented within a storage network, for example, actually create a bottleneck that can negatively impact application performance.
Last year, ADIC worked with Cisco and Adaptec to demonstrate the industry's first file sharing application for iSCSI storage networks, using ADIC's StorNext Management Suite file system.
Any aspect of security in the storage network that is left open to attacks is a potential risk to the infrastructure.
This is key in the Storage Network arena where new products and technologies are emerging every day.
iVivity's first product -- the iDiSX 2000 10Gbps storage network processor -- is uniquely positioned as the industry's only true 10GE storage S-o-C (System on a Chip) commercially shipping today.
IT professionals are now considering the opportunity to build a strategic, independent network infrastructure that will scale to meet the enterprise's needs for the next several years--the storage network backbone.
Through the Brocade Fabric Access API, TrueSAN can leverage the advanced fabric services available in Brocade SANs, enabling powerful management capabilities that allow customers to leverage the value of their storage network infrastructure.
This means that IP-based host systems can pass commands to multiple storage devices over an IP network infrastructure, not over direct SCSI cables or a Fibre Channel storage network.
Our industry-leading storage network processor architecture combines full application programmability with front-end and back-end protocol processing in one chip for record breaking performance, power and real estate metrics which can be used to great benefit in today's high density infrastructures like blade centers," said Martin Mainini, director of marketing at iVivity.
A Fibre Channel storage network uses the same data protocol as the normal SCSI connection between computer and disks.

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