Stomach Stapling

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A type of ‘restrictive’ surgery for morbid obesity in which a band and staples are used to create a small gastric pouch.
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The retired hotel manager said: "I don't want their stomach stapling.
GASTRIC bypass surgery or stomach stapling is carried out on people who are "morbidly obese".
A previous study has shown that stomach stapling surgery can prolong the lives of men and women by up to 10 years compared with those who don't have it.
The new data, from the NHS information centre, showed there were 2,724 hospital admissions in 2007/08 for bariatric surgery, which includes stomach stapling and gastric bypass.
STOMACH stapling, gastric bypasses and other surgery for people in drastic need of losing weight increased by 40 per cent last year, according to official figures.
Byline: Efforts to set up guidelines on performing stomach stapling surgery to cure diabetes in the UAE have come to naught.
Faced with the prospect of stomach stapling, a bowl of Special K and 20 minutes on the treadmill seems a treat.
In the 1980s the breakthrough weight-loss surgery was stomach stapling.
Celebrity Fat Club contender Anne Diamond recently underwent stomach stapling and gastric banding surgery.
Worse, low-calorie diets, pills and extreme solutions such as liposuction or stomach stapling can have long- term health risks or even cause death.
The number of patients offered treatment such as stomach stapling operations is growing rapidly, the Department of Health has revealed.
Cocaine addiction, stomach stapling, what next for Diego Maradona?