Stokes basket

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Stokes bas·ket

a metal-mesh rescue stretcher.
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Rescue Area accomodates a long board or stokes basket (not included) for patient transport;
The fire department's spokesman further shared that a ladder truck and stokes basket were used as well in hoisting the woman out of the chimney.
A medic was sent to help the victim before rescuers had the task of carefully taking him down the trail in a Stokes basket -- a lightweight basket stretcher -- to a waiting snowmobile that took him off the mountain.
They trauma packaged her in a Stokes basket, and then Sebold and the woman were lowered the remaining 120 feet to the road below.
The boy was pulled out, harnessed, placed in a Stokes basket, and sped by ambulance to the nearest hospital.
Stokes basket (wire basket to hold and transport injured persons)
It offers a full EMT supply case and Stokes basket mount as well as a number of other configuration options.