Stokes basket

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Stokes bas·ket

a metal-mesh rescue stretcher.
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The third phase of the drill was a "Man Down" and utilized a TURK Device which allows the hazmat techs to carry tools on a stokes basket into the hot zone and in the event personnel does need evacuation assistance the stokes basket and TURK Device are set for immediate departure from the hot zone.
Integrated patient transport system to include Stokes Basket and Patient restraint
I then took another set of vitals and waited for Indian Lake Ambulance to get to us with the backboard, Stokes basket (stretcher/ litter) and a paramedic.
We put the patient into the Stokes basket and then into the rescue sled.
In the event of an accident, the traditional Stokes Basket is often used to bring the individual to the ground for treatment, but the purpose of the board is defeated in most cases because a typical rescue is anything but stable.
The fire department's spokesman further shared that a ladder truck and stokes basket were used as well in hoisting the woman out of the chimney.
A medic was sent to help the victim before rescuers had the task of carefully taking him down the trail in a Stokes basket -- a lightweight basket stretcher -- to a waiting snowmobile that took him off the mountain.
The boy was pulled out, harnessed, placed in a Stokes basket, and sped by ambulance to the nearest hospital.
Stokes basket (wire basket to hold and transport injured persons)
Rescue Area accomodates a long board or stokes basket (not included) for patient transport;