Adolf, German orthopedic surgeon, 1880-1937. See: Stoffel operation.
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Address : LanungsbE-ro Stoffel IngenieurbE-ro fE-r Versorgungs- und Haustechnik
Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel along with US-based architect Morphosis, has unveiled the design for what will become the world's tallest hotel.
Remo Stoffel, Swiss entrepreneur and chairman of Dubai-based Farnek, and US-based architect Morphosis have showcased the design of what will become the world's tallest hotel .
Dubai -- Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel and US-based architect Morphosis have unveiled the design for what will become the world's tallest hotel.
About 7132 Ltd When the people of Vals decided at the ballot box to sell their thermal baths and Hotel -- until then public property -- to entrepreneur Remo Stoffel, they not only handed him the town's architectural jewel, but also a high level of trust.
He really rips you to pieces," smiles Brian Jones, a South African who rashly keeps a honey badger called Stoffel as a pet on his sanctuary for injured wildlife.
Aiming to present the reality of the lives of deaf-blind individuals to people who interact with them, Stoffel, a retired systems engineer and freelance writer, draws on interviews with 12 deaf-blind individuals, including himself, from the US, UK, New Zealand, and South Africa to illustrate what life is like for them, rather than providing stories of inspiration that can often be the focus of books.
Stoffel op safari is reeds die sesde bundel in die reeks wat vertel van die wel en wee van Stoffel Mathysen.
Credit Union of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, sponsored the fourth annual $7,500 video scholarship con-test, which has been was renamed the Steve Stoffel Memorial Video Scholarship.
Stoffel and his team first showed that a once obscure protein, called Tmem27, is localized on the surface membrane of beta cells.
The 27th of last month marked the 1st anniversary of the brutal murder of 17 year old Magdalene Stoffel in a riverbed near the Dawid Bezuidenhout High School in the Khomasdal suburb.
Abbott sees a "several hundred million dollar annual sales opportunity," Scott Stoffel, a company spokesman, said.