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city in Sweden where the syndrome was first reported in 1973.
Stockholm syndrome - emotional involvement that occurs between hostage and perpetrator.
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Tickets are $16 or 120 Swedish kronor and can be purchased at Stockholm City Museum, the Stockholm Tourist Center, or online at http://www.
Burlesque dances, marionette movements, ballet positions: The Stockholm City Theater ensemble has been forced to make motions that must seem very strange to the actors.
Night patrol in the home service of the district councils rinkeby-kista and hsselby-vllingby, Stockholm city.
Under these reinforcement changes, Bo Wikare, currently vice president and head of both Business Development and the Stockholm City East business area, will in the future concentrate on the roles of head of Business Development and vice president.
He told how he was called to a car on fire in Stockholm city centre on December 11, 2010.
And the Lister Courthouse, Skandia Cinema and Stockholm City Library are considered together with Asplund's use of the Classical tradition, under the theme of 'Rites of Passage'.
STOCKHOLM city council are allowing the Swedish capital's pubs and restaurants to serve beer in the mornings during the World Cup.
The Brewers of Europe (CBMC) said Stockholm City Court's refusal on March 4 to grant an injunction to the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman to stop "Gourmet" magazine placing alcohol advertisements proves the ban obstructs trade.
On June 5th, the best of the best will receive their Award during a ceremony followed by a Nobel-Prize style banquet in Stockholm City Hall.
Sydkraft bosses are in last-minute talks with the Swedish Government after a recent ruling made by the Stockholm City Court rejected an appeal to suspend a decision to close down the Barseback nuclear power plant by November 30.

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