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city in Sweden where the syndrome was first reported in 1973.
Stockholm syndrome - emotional involvement that occurs between hostage and perpetrator.
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Walking on your own : Buy the Millennium map for $5 or 40 Swedish kronor at the Stockholm City Museum, or the Stockholm Tourist Center.
Zhou Zhongshu, President of Minmetals, and Lennart Evrell, President and CEO of Boliden, signed the agreement at the Sweden-China Business Cooperation and Innovation Forum at Stockholm City Hall earlier today.
Just minutes away, guests can find Casino Cosmopol, the Sergels Torg public square, Stockholm City Conference Centre and Stockholm City Hall.
BILL Murray has explained that he was just "giving friends a lift home" after driving a golf buggy through Stockholm city centre last month.
And the Lister Courthouse, Skandia Cinema and Stockholm City Library are considered together with Asplund's use of the Classical tradition, under the theme of 'Rites of Passage'.
They will be eligible to receive an award trophy from the King of Sweden during a ceremony in the Great Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall, the same location where the Nobel Prizes are presented.
His Majesty the King of Sweden will hand over the prize when the winner is presented at Stockholm City Hall on April 19.
Stockholm City procures a Web-based systems support the city~s efforts in recruiting.
This free conference takes place on Sunday, 9 December 2012 at the Stockholm City Conference Centre and is open to the general public.
Mr Holmlund said: "He was out driving that electrical car right in the middle of Stockholm city.
The new office -- located in Solna, less than 8 km from Stockholm city centre -- will support customers and resellers interested in Raritan's solutions for remotely accessing and managing IT equipment inside and outside the data centre.
Its upper parts are clearly derived from Stockholm City Library, with the tower, like Asplund's, originating from Ledoux's Barriere de La Villette that has echoes of the Castel St Angelo, which was of course Hadrian's Mausoleum, itself based on prehistoric archetypes.

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