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city in Sweden where the syndrome was first reported in 1973.
Stockholm syndrome - emotional involvement that occurs between hostage and perpetrator.
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Stockholm City Line is being built by the Swedish Transport Administration in close co-operation with the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm Transport, SL.
No matter where you live in Stockholm, you're no more than a half-mile from a park of at least 12 acres, designed with safe and convenient access.
Despite such evidence, some crisis negotiators may have lost sight of the fact that full-blown Stockholm Syndrome occurs only in very few victims.
Take a boat trip around Djurgarden or under the bridges of Stockholm.
Stockholm Cleantech Venture Day is organized by STING, Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB and Stockholm Cleantech.
Finland was unable to obtain as grand a site in Stockholm as Sweden did in Helsinki.
Now SIME operates in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna Barcelona, Helsinki, and a growing number of cities throughout the world.
Tourism: More than 10,000 tourists annually take the guided Millennium Tour offered by the Stockholm City Museum.
Instead, as a development of Stockholm 1930, the Festival would be a modest and informal complex of interlocking neighbourhoods.
Each municipality annually contributes 4 kronor per citizen, which co-finances Stockholm Business Region's investment promotion department, activities to improve local links with industry, and an SCI measurement of local government services.
After the 1925 Paris Exposition the Architectural Review promoted the concept of 'Swedish Grace' to typify a mode best exemplified in the detailing of Stockholm Town Hall: after World War II it promoted the concept of 'The New Empiricism' which embodied a bloodless but pretty pragmatism that was one of the main provocations of 'The New Brutalism' -- a half-truth that in the absence of any exchange in debate slumbered there.
Last year, Stockholm also strengthened its attractiveness.

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