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city in Sweden where the syndrome was first reported in 1973.
Stockholm syndrome - emotional involvement that occurs between hostage and perpetrator.
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Stockholm City Line is being built by the Swedish Transport Administration in close co-operation with the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm Transport, SL.
No matter where you live in Stockholm, you're no more than a half-mile from a park of at least 12 acres, designed with safe and convenient access.
Despite such evidence, some crisis negotiators may have lost sight of the fact that full-blown Stockholm Syndrome occurs only in very few victims.
Finland was unable to obtain as grand a site in Stockholm as Sweden did in Helsinki.
Instead, as a development of Stockholm 1930, the Festival would be a modest and informal complex of interlocking neighbourhoods.
After the 1925 Paris Exposition the Architectural Review promoted the concept of 'Swedish Grace' to typify a mode best exemplified in the detailing of Stockholm Town Hall: after World War II it promoted the concept of 'The New Empiricism' which embodied a bloodless but pretty pragmatism that was one of the main provocations of 'The New Brutalism' -- a half-truth that in the absence of any exchange in debate slumbered there.

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