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William, British histologist and physiologist, 1851-1932. See: Stirling modification of Gram stain.
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And five women were wrongly released from Cornton Vale in Stirling, Scotland's only all-female jail.
The roadshows begin in Leeds (September 29) with Newcastle (30) and then Stirling, Scotland, (October 1), Manchester (2) and Leicester (7).
He doused her with gasoline and set her afire at the hairdressing salon she operated in Stirling, Scotland. The victim, who suffered burns over 95 percent of her body, was brought out alive and conscious by firefighters, but died later that day in a hospital.
Canadian film animator Norman McLaren was born in Stirling, Scotland.
of Stirling, Scotland), the 12 papers presented here review the work of the MATCH project, discussing goals and policies for home care, personalized ambient monitoring for supporting mental health at home, dynamic configuration of home services, multimodal interaction and technologies for care at home, spoken dialogue interfaces for older people, user-centered design of technologies to support care at home, a method for user requirement elicitation for home care, and enhancing dialogue between stakeholders in home care.
Kay McKay is single and lives in Stirling, Scotland. In 2004 she received a Scottish Arts Council Grant to help complete her first novel, a children's book entitled, The Potion Maker, which is a fantasy adventure for 8-12 year olds and still available on Amazon.
The acquired firm was established in 1999 and has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the US, as well as in Stirling, Scotland. It serves customers with dedicated medical device and ophthalmology divisions in multiple therapy areas.
It is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with additional operations in Glasgow and Stirling, Scotland and sales offices in Tokyo and Bangalore.
Stirling, Scotland A bit smaller than some of Scotland's other cities, Stirling is an ideal place for parents who are looking for a quiet getaway.
David Bebbington, University of Stirling, Scotland, one of the most significant contemporary scholars of evangelicalism, devotes his ability to analyze historical matters on a global scale to his own Baptist tradition.