absolute threshold

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ab·so·lute thresh·old

the lowest limit of any perception. Compare: differential threshold.
Synonym(s): stimulus threshold

Absolute Threshold

The lowest detectable intensity of a given signal—e.g., sound or light.

ab·so·lute thresh·old

(ab-sō-lūt threshōld)
Lowest limit of any perception.
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The positive and negative function of noise in the neighborhood of stimulus threshold for a mathematical model of homeostatic regulation of sleep-wake cycles are studied based on a circadian input; the noise is added to the stimulus, the conductance, and the modulation function; the results illustrated that the weak current, conductance, and variable of regulation function noise have significant influence on the transitions between sleep and wakefulness, the bigger amplitude of external current will advance wake time but slightly change sleepy time, and the weak conductance and modulation noise generate seemingly regulation process, but, for the strong noise, the regulation function will lose its effectiveness and even damage the function of the neurons themselves.
When the preoperative and postoperative supramaximal stimulus threshold levels, as measured by EMG, were evaluated between study groups, no statistically significant difference was detected (p>0.05).
Visual acuity improvements were also associated with concordant improvements in full-field stimulus thresholds to both blue and red light, improved mobility course navigation and ocular instability measurement.