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A class of drugs, including Ritalin, used to treat people with autism. They may make children calmer and better able to concentrate, but they also may limit growth or have other side effects.
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Q. How does a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit help fibromyalgia. My aunt was suggested to go through TENS. Will that really help? How does a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit help fibromyalgia?

A. ‘TENS’ units are prescribed for chronic pain sufferers and fibromyalgia patients. What is a tens unit? Tens stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. A tens unit is essentially a stimulation device consisting of electrodes that are attached to the skin, the unit itself, and a battery to provide current. A Tens unit uses electricity to block nerves from sending pain messages.

Q. Can some depression be treated with stimulantes in adults?? I was treated with dextroamphetimins in the 1970's. Why arent they used anymore? I know all of the things about addiction, so I dont need those answers. When the medication was used by me, it worked. My husband is suffereing from depression he has been given all of the "wonder" drugs No results. I hope someone can answer this for me, and for my husbands sake Thank You Shirley

A. Thank you BLars. I am going to talk to my husbands doctor when we have our appointment tomorrow..I get so tired of all of the experts who wont prescribe the right medications because of the abuse potential..CNS Stimulants were used before, and all of us that were on them when we needed them arent worse for wear..I am glad adderall is helping you.Maybe people like us need to speak out, so other patients arent afraid to ask their doctors..Have a great week!!


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This research tries to control dynamic behavior of these nanosheets by using sensor and stimulant layers on the lower and upper surfaces of carbon nanosheets.
Compared with children without ADHD who were not taking stimulants (controls), children with ADHD who were not taking stimulants showed more rapid BMI growth after age 10 years.
Some individuals with ADHD used stimulants or cocaine illicitly while students as a form of self-medication to enhance academic performance; they may be reasonable candidates for Concerta or Vyvanse, which have extremely low abuse potential.
To evade legal controls, the stimulants are sold as bath salts, stain removers, or other household products.
Stimulants were a problem for about 57 percent of those in treatment, up from about 45 percent in 2001.
TOKYO - The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on Friday indicted the husband of popular actress Noriko Sakai for possessing and using stimulant drugs in violation of the stimulants control law, officials of the prosecutors office said.
The catchy words and obscene images that appear on online advertisements of these medications are another factor luring youth into buying packets of these stimulants.
The new investigations, already published online and slated to appear in the May American Journal of Psychiatry, underscore earlier evidence that youngsters with ADHD frequently become drug abusers, whether or not they take prescribed stimulants.
Recovery from stimulants, therefore, requires a different approach.
In this article we provide data on the most important harms associated with adolescent substance use for the following drugs: Ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, cough and cold medication (dextromethorphan), prescription opiates and stimulants, and "date rape" drugs, including sedatives and gamma hydroxybutarate (GHB).
Though maker Eli Lilly did extensive testing on Strattera, whether the drug proves to be as effective and safe as gold-standard stimulants Ritalin and Dexedrine remains to be seen.