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Stilling feels that the Saxons' opener with York will be a firm test for his team.
"The material removed from the stilling lagoon will be temporarily stored on adjacent land, and will be removed and disposed of before the end of February 2010.
A critical component of the design of the emergency spillway at Cedar Run 6 is the hydraulic design of the stilling basin, a device designed to safely dissipate energy in the spillway discharge to prevent erosion and possible structural damage at the toe of the dam.
von Goethe, who was impressed by him and published the first, and best, volume of his autobiography, Heinrich Stillings Jugend (1777; "Heinrich Stilling's Youth").
It already has generated some excitement, said Stilling, noting that village Principal Planner Nicole Woods met last week for several hours with a broker interested in assembling a project there.
But after Niles West's Jack Lochner hit John Trinh to set up a short Trinh TD run to make it 14-7, you had to wonder about Stilling's words.
"We have a lot of experience back in the skill positions," Stilling said.