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George F., English physician, 1868-1941. See: Still disease, Still murmur, Still-Chauffard syndrome.


n an apparatus used for steam or water distillation. It comprises a vessel that contains water and aromatic plant material, a condenser that cools the vapor produced from heating the plant material, and a receiver for collecting the condensed products.
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The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition and the Stille imagiQ2 OR table for vascular surgery form a powerful duo for interventional surgery.
The average age of the rebels on Stille Strasse is about 70, however, with some well into their 90s.
Suite a cet apercu de la recherche empirique sur la generation 1,5, l'article de Cummins, Mirza et Stille offre une retrospective des connaissances theoriques majeures de Cummins en plus d'un apercu du travail actuel sur l'importance des textes identitaires et la construction de l'identite.
with m us w )er s n NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 (PG) an entertaining sequel to the comedy in which guard Ben Stille discovered exhibits at New York's Museum of Natural History came life at night.
Based upon the book by Italian-American author Alexander Stille and drawing upon the work of Sicilian photojournalist Letizia Battaglia, this superbly produced and presented 92 minute documentary chronicles the efforts of two courageous Italian prosecutors whose work in the 1980s to expose and imprison the leadership and the membership of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra ultimately led to the 'Maxi-Trials' held in Palermo in a heavily-protected underground bunker the size of a football filed where hundreds of Mafia defendants, ranging from street soldiers to Dons, were tried and convicted.
In typical fashion--one is reminded of Stille Nag ("Silent Night") and Boesman, my Seun ("Boesman, My Son")--the play is a largely realist work set in a farmhouse on the eve of the dying father's birthday, a gathering of the clan that becomes the catalyst for the discussions about the issues engendered by the new South Africa.
In the first section, Stille introduces us to the Ovazza family of Turin.
Bob Stille, who served 37 years in the Border Patrol and INS, recently told THE NEW AMERICAN that the prosecution of Ramos and Compean has sent shudders through the ranks of the Border Patrol.
Berlusconi's electorate has little interest in politics, reads little or not at all and watches a lot of television," Stille said in a column printed in the Financial Times and Rome's La Repubblica.
First comprehensive monographic exhibition of Peter Kulka's oeuvre, charting various strands of development, including the regional parliament in Dresden and the Haus der Stille in the Benedictine monastery of Konigsmunster in Meschede.