posterior process of talus

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pos·te·ri·or pro·cess of ta·lus

a projection of the talus bearing medial and lateral tubercles; it is posterior and inferior to the trochlea.
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Ludwig, German anatomist, 1837-1918.
Stieda process - a projection of the talus bearing medial and lateral tubercles. Synonym(s): posterior process of talus
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"Os trigonum" and "Stieda Process" in posterior ankle impingement syndrome.
(3) Variations in normal osseous and soft-tissue anatomy that predispose one to PAI syndrome include a prominent down-slope of the posterior tibia, the presence of an os trigonum, a prominent posterior-talar process (Stieda process), (3) prominent tuberosity arising from the superior calcaneum, (3) and the presence of the posterior-intermalleolar ligament (PIML).
(37) Posterior tibiotalar impingement syndrome (PTTIS) can occur in the presence of an os trigonum (Figure 20), a prominent stieda process, or hypertrophy of the transverse ligament (the inferior portion of the PTFL).