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hor·de·o·lum ex·ter·'num

inflammation of the sebaceous gland of an eyelash.
Synonym(s): sty, stye


(sti) hordeolum.


A small abscess caused by a STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTION around the root of an eyelash. Treatment is by antibiotic ointments to prevent recurrence.

sty, stye

see external hordeolum.
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In aceasta situatie prezentatorul pune o intrebare decisiva, evreul nu stie si castiga astfel romanul concursul.
In Romania, zece insi spun bancuri politice, unul dintre ei e turnator dar nimeni nu stie care.
The yard area has gate openings into the accompanying acreage and also provides access to the outbuildings, which comprise of two stone built former pig sties, one of which has light and power.
The issue includes data on earthquake geographic sties for the period from 1 st January to 31 st December 2015.
He said it was the responsibility of government to protect historical buildings and heritage sties.
They also bombed artillery emplacements of the enemy in Khubash site and new sties east of Al-Amir Souk, as well as al-Dhaba'a military sites and a gathering of the Saudi army in Nahoqa sites.
At this time the area was largely open countryside - many of the houses had pig sties and cowsheds.
Kids can attend the site's Children's Farm, which allows little ones to handle baby chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs, explore pig sties and see piglets up close, bottle feed lambs and calves, ride ponies, hand milk goats and even ride a tractor.
Secrets of Ancient America: Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and Other Forgotten Explorers provides a new alternative history of America that gathers evidence of ancient explorers before Columbus, and shares some 25 years of the author's personal research and travel to archaeological sties around North America.
The document is also being circulated on social networking sties.
STERLING -- The American Legion Post 189, in Sterling, is asking people with old cell phones and printer or fax cartridges to recycle them at one of four collection sties.
According to the feasibility studies, there are 16 selected sties, 10 located on the coastal rim of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (in Southern Iran), which enjoy higher priorities (compared to other potential locations) for the construction nuclear power plants," Deputy Head of the AEOI Mohammad Ahmadiyan said in March.