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hor·de·o·lum ex·ter·'num

inflammation of the sebaceous gland of an eyelash.
Synonym(s): sty, stye


(sti) hordeolum.


A small abscess caused by a STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTION around the root of an eyelash. Treatment is by antibiotic ointments to prevent recurrence.

sty, stye

see external hordeolum.
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Kingdoms and Shuei Hu, designed by STIE, are nearing completion.
PRODUCTS TO BUY: If the stie is on the upper lid, Kramer recommends taking Nelson's Pulsatilla 6C (pounds 3.
STERLING -- The American Legion Post 189, in Sterling, is asking people with old cell phones and printer or fax cartridges to recycle them at one of four collection sties.
They had the idea and thought over it, and created the sties by themselves.
According to the feasibility studies, there are 16 selected sties, 10 located on the coastal rim of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (in Southern Iran), which enjoy higher priorities (compared to other potential locations) for the construction nuclear power plants," Deputy Head of the AEOI Mohammad Ahmadiyan said in March.
Instead of toy soldiers and tanks and forts filling the nursery as he stomps around in his Little General outfit, give him model farms with cows and sheep and horses, little mirrors for duck ponds with barns and fences and pig sties.
The reconstruction of historical sites will not reduce looming damage threat to the sties but it will attract tourists" he added.
Responding to a question, the minister said as temperature was lowering down, dengue mosquito was also shifting inside houses, therefore, the district government and other institutions had beefed up indoor dengue surveillance and larviciding but it was also a prime responsibility of citizens to keep their houses clean and sweep all dengue breeding sties from their houses besides conducting anti mosquito spray and using repellents to prevent from bite of mosquito.
From the beginning of this year, sties were practically epidemic in my class.
It was here that 2,500 British, Indian, African and Gurkha troops of General William Sties 14th Army (The Forgotten Army) held out for 18 days in July 1944, against overwhelming enemy forces, until they were finally relieved.
Except any decent pig wouldn't want some of us anywhere near their sties.
A gleaming line of state-of-the-art sties have recently been assembled next door to Waterhall Farm, although it remains to be seen what impact it has on the nearby B&Bs.