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Gunnar B., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Stickler syndrome.
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The family of Harri Stickler have now launched an appeal for people to join the bone marrow register so their baby can have the best chance of fighting the disease.
David Stickler has been CEO of Big River Steel since the death of John Correnti, founder of the company, in August 2015.
Little Harri Stickler,from Aberdare in South Wales,was a "happy" and "bouncing" baby boy - until his mum took him to the GP about swelling over his eye.
Within the legal circle in Ozamiz, Pintac was known as someone who was a stickler for rules and was stringent in issuing warrants, seeing to it that the instrument was not founded on flimsy information.
William Johnson will join as managing director to expand the company's public-sector solutions, Patrick Knapp as vice president of Responses Services, Paul Murray as its new chief financial officer (CFO) and Heather Stickler joins as vice president (VP) of Marketing
sees the partnership with 'The Southampton Girl,' as one that will allow us to expand our reach in the United Kingdom on an e-commerce platform," says John Stickler (President of SR3D Holdings Corp).

 SR3D Holdings Corp.
He emphasised the importance of punctuality for all, saying Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a stickler and believes in leadership by example.
The cleanup was announced by President Bio's office last month, two days after a rally in which the new leader, a former general who was briefly in power in the 1990s, said he would be a stickler for "discipline".
Mrs Fernee then wrote to him and he replied: "It's a good alarm and never let me down and I am a stickler for punctuality."
Stickler syndrome is an autosomal-dominant hereditary clinical condition caused by structural abnormalities in collagen types 2, 9, and 11.
Betty Stickler, 52, was fired as a branch manager for the $52 million Perfect Circle Credit Union in December 2015, after Lisa Dykhoff, president/CEO of the Hagerstown-Ind.-based credit union and Tom Flowers, vice president, conducted an internal investigation and reported the discrepancies to local police investigators.