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A black human rights activist from South Africa who was tortured to death in prison under medical supervision, 6 days after being detained by police for questioning
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Eunice Sahle uses Fanon and Antonio Gramsci to look at Steven Biko and, more briefly, Fatima Meer.
The festival will come to a close in spectacular fashion with Biko's Quest (October 25), a big dance piece which honours the memory of anti-apartheid activist Steven Biko.
Granados researched stories of humanist heroes and heroines from the history of civilization, spanning from fifth-century BCE Confucius and Buddha to twentieth-century Steven Biko and today's Ayaan Hirsi All You may not recognize all their names but you won't likely forget them after you read this book.
The centre will be a commemoration of the works, life and legacy of the anti-apartheid activist and stalwart, Bantu Steven Biko, the world renowned leader of the Black Consciousness Movement.
Concentrating on Steven Biko, he successfully shows a number of parallels between the ideas of Biko and Sartre, especially regarding the notion of collective responsibility and hence the complicity of liberal whites in the apartheid system.
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Sobukwe, Steven Biko, Nelson Mandela--assassinated or imprisoned.
In addition to details of his arrest and imprisonment, return to power, and second marriage, the text relates the influence of Mohandas Gandhi, Xhosa tribe members, Winnie Mandela, and Steven Biko.
One year after the events in Soweto, the leader of the South African Students Organization, Steven Biko, was beaten to death by government agents.
In between these two novels, the apartheid administration was put in crisis by events in Soweto in 1976 and by the death of Steven Biko.
From his 1978 follow-up are "Games Without Frontiers" and the anthemic "Biko," a tribute to slain South African activist Steven Biko.