Reed, Dorothy M.

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Dorothy M., U.S. pathologist, 1874-1964.
Dorothy Reed cells - Synonym(s): Reed-Sternberg cells
Reed cells - Synonym(s): Reed-Sternberg cells
Reed-Sternberg cells - large transformed lymphocytes, generally regarded as pathognomonic of Hodgkin disease. Synonym(s): Dorothy Reed cells; Reed cells; Sternberg cells; Sternberg-Reed cells
Sternberg-Reed cells - Synonym(s): Reed-Sternberg cells
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Observation of cells resembling Sternberg-Reed cells in conditions other than Hodgkin's disease.
Production of a monoclonal antibody specific for Hodgkin and Sternberg-Reed cells of Hodgkin's disease and a subset of normal lymphoid cells.
Sternberg-Reed Cells in the peripheral blood of patients with Hodgkin's disease.