Sternberg, George M.

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George M., U.S. bacteriologist, 1838-1915.
Reed-Sternberg cells - see under Reed, Dorothy
Sternberg cells - Synonym(s): Reed-Sternberg cells
Sternberg-Reed cells - Synonym(s): Reed-Sternberg cells
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Sternberg cells in fine.needle aspiration biopsies and also larger sample size can be beneficial for flow cytometry and immunohistochemical staining.
The expression of the Hodgkin's disease associated antigen Ki-1 in reactive and neoplastic lymphoid tissue: evidence that Reed- Sternberg cells and histiocytic malignancies are derived from activated lymphoid cells.
The neoplastic cells present may not have characteristic features of Reed Sternberg cells and usually resemble mononuclear Hodgkin cells.
FNAC from the cervical node appeared moderately cellular showing polymorphous infiltration of mature lymphocytes, eosinophils, mononuclear giant cells with prominent nucleoli, occasional bi-nucleate Reed Sternberg cells, epithelioid granuloma in a fibrinous background.
Originally described as strong label for Hodgkin\'s and Reed Sternberg cells of classical HD, CD30 is now found not specific to HD.
[1] NS-cHL is sub-classified into 2 grades based on the presence of numerous large bizarre and anaplastic type of Reed Sternberg cells, which are graded as grade I.
(5) 'Reed Sternberg cells' confirmed the diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma.