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George M., U.S. bacteriologist, 1838-1915. See: Sternberg cell, Sternberg-Reed cell, Reed-Sternberg cell.
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The city of Sternberg intends to preserve the valuable historical building structure dating from 1747 with the comprehensive renovation of the Mhlenstrae 6 building, in order to permanently secure the Heimatmuseum for the city and its region.
In the group market, "we have steady growth," Sternberg said.
Unfortunately, I can't talk about programs in the early developmental stage," says Sternberg, "but we are looking at a number of applications.
Janet Sternberg gives her answer to the above question in the book Misbehavior in Cyber Places: The Regulation of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet.
Sternberg eventually overcame his fears, but the episodes left an impression.
Sternberg and Robert Halper of Halper Lighting Solutions devised the system for the Church of the Covenant.
Her spare time was spent in occasional visits to boxing matches and football games - invariably with Von Sternberg.
JOE STERNBERG WAS MANAGING A STEAMBOAT Springs ski shop 10 years ago when country singer Alan Jackson called from the Sheraton Hotel asking if his rental skis could be delivered to his room.
Rays' owner Stuart Sternberg is understandably frustrated, and believes that a new home is the cure for his team's attendance ills.
Sternberg of the need to improve his communication skills, requiring him to send letters of apology, and threatening him with further action if his conduct did not improve.
In 1927, Amy Sternberg, one of Toronto's most successful dance teachers and choreographers, wrote and directed Historical Pageant.