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Reilly's deceitful goodwill gesture toward Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa - handing him the address of a medical center that could test him for steriods, resulting in a obscenity- laced response from Sosa - started a firework chain-reaction debate in the media this week.
Another South Africa international, Cobus Visagie, was suspended for two years by his union last February after testing positive for the banned steriod nandrolone.
Lichtiger and Present studied hospitalized patients with severe colitis who did not respond to conventional treatments such as steriod drugs.
Table 2: Urinary Excretion of Adrenal and Gonadal Steriod Excretion in 26 Patients with Chronic illness and Adrenal Dyfunction Adrenal Steriod Range Mid-Range Mean Males Female Pregnanetriol 47-7900 371 306 473.
Sulfasalazine and mesalamine are less effective than conventional oral steriod but have fewer adverse effects.
Stam faces a two-year ban after he tested positive for the banned anabolic steriod nandrolone and the Lazio defender is sceptical over whether a second test taken yesterday will clear him.
Under the double-blinded, randomized study design, about half of the patients received CD5 Plus and a standard steroidal therapy (methylprednisolone) while the control group received the steriod and a placebo.
JAAP STAM was suspended yesterday after testing positive for the banned steriod nandrolone.
If your daughter has been using steriod creams, it is important to wean her off them slowly.
The fact that two Holland internationals, de Boer and Davids, had tested positive has led to suggestions they may have mistakingly been given the steriod at the Dutch training camp.
Walker was proved innocent after being accused of taking the steriod nandrolone while it is claimed that Christie had 100 times the normal level of nandrolone in his system.