Hales, Stephen

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Stephen, English physiologist, 1677-1761.
Hales piesimeter - a glass tube inserted into an artery at right angles to its axis to measure pressure.
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Stephen Hales earned his standing as a Health Hero by making discoveries about blood pressure 300 years ago that are still in use today.
It was, according to Dillon, the Reverend Stephen Hales who sounded the tocsin in 1734 in his conclusion, at the height of his own influence as an experimental chemist, that Man "has unhappily found means to extract, from what God intended for his refreshment, a most pernicious and intoxicating liquor" (p.
This form of chemistry was related to natural history, physiology, and the operations of living systems, and covered the gamut from pharmacy to the "vegetable staticks" of Stephen Hales.