Stephanurus dentatus

Steph·a·nu·rus den·ta·tus

(stef'ă-nū'rŭs den-tā'tŭs),
The kidney worm or lard worm of swine, a strongyle nematode parasite species that also occurs, although rarely, in the liver of cattle. Adult worms in swine live in the perirenal fat, the renal pelvis, or as erratic forms in many other locations. Eggs are passed through the urine and infection is direct, by ingestion of infective larvae or by skin infection, or indirect, by ingestion of earthworms in which the larvae can survive.
[G. stephanos, crown, + oura, tail]


the only genus of importance in the nematode family Stephanuridae.

Stephanurus dentatus
found in the kidneys of pigs and rarely as aberrant parasites in cattle and horses. It may also be found in the liver, pancreas and other organs of pigs.
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