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The government's fair trade watchdog said Tokyo Compass, which had a manufacturer in Taiwan produce eight types of step counters with the Spalding brand, imported the products from 1994 until last October.
This is also possible with other products within the Omron range including the Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor and the Walking Style II Step Counter.
Pedometer functionality with calorie counter application, and step counter
They then enter their total into a step counter, located at www.
Meant to be worn anywhere -- in your shirt pocket, clipped to a bag or around your neck -- the AnyWear 3D Pedometer includes a Step Counter that measures 0 to 99,999 steps; a digital 12 or 24-hour clock with daily alarm; and a count-up timer up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
On arrival at CCM, participating visitors as young as 2 years old will receive an activity log to have stamped on completion of any of the ten physical play activities, and a step counter.
The program -- which includes an engaging guide, step counter, and motivational emails -- gives hospitals, managed care organizations, and providers a way to involve patients in improving their health status.
Respondents also agreed to wear a step counter for two days and agreed to submit the number of steps taken within that time.
Some aspects of the category have diffused to the mass market, in particular fitness and step counters, while others are still in the early adopter and tech savvy stage," said Dale Gilliam, CEO of Troubadour.
Most will be health and fitness devices, such as step counters.
Pedometers, or step counters, are typically worn on the belt or waistband and detect vertical acceleration of the hip during gait cycles.