Stensen, Niels

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Stensen, Niels

, Steensen, Niels (stan'sen, sten'sen)
Danish anatomist and geologist, 1638–1686.

Stensen duct

The duct leading from the parotid gland to the oral cavity.
Synonym: parotid duct

Stensen foramina

Incisive foramina of the hard palate, transmitting anterior branches of the descending palatine vessels.
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Niels, Danish anatomist, 1638-1686.
Stensen canal
Stensen duct - Synonym(s): parotid duct
Stensen experiment - an experiment on an animal in which the blood supply is cut off from the lumbar region of the spine.
Stensen foramen - Synonym(s): incisive foramen
Stensen plexus - the parotid duct's venous structure.
Stensen veins - Synonym(s): vortex veins
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