Niels (Nicholaus), Danish anatomist, 1638-1686. See: Stensen duct, Stensen foramen, Stensen plexus, Stensen veins.
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It has a main excretory duct, the (Stenon or Stensen) parotid duct, which leaves the anterior border of the PG, passes in front of the masseter muscle, penetrates the buccinator muscle, and finally opens into the oral cavity at the level of the second upper molar (Standring, 2015).
(23) also reported that stones of <7 mm in the Wharton and the Stensen ducts could be removed with a success rate of more than 85%.
The students -- Khawla al Akbari, Ameena al Boinin, Amaha al Maadeed, Hissa al Sulaiti, Alanood al Thani, Almaha Ashkanani and Maryam al Mohannadi, under the supervision of Zachary Stensen, assistant professor at VCUarts Qatar -- sold specially-designed T-shirts at the Torba Farmers Market -- a QF-led weekends-only, open-air market that runs during the cooler months.
Ideopathic sialectesis of the Stensen's duct treated with marsupialisation.
A pair of parotid glands lies at back of mouth in between upper and lower jaw over ramus of mandible in relation to the masseter muscle.1 Its duct called the Stensen's duct, arises from the anterior border of the gland and opens into the oral vestibule just opposite maxillary second molar.2 Two submandibular glands (SMG) are located in the posterior part of floor of mouth within the submandibular triangle.1 Their duct is known as Wharton's duct which opens beneath the tongue lateral to lingual frenum.
(4) It is interesting that the reported cases of extra-gingival ameloblastoma all developed around the orifices of either the Stensen's or Wharton's ducts and could thus represent tumors of salivary gland origin.
Alternatively, sebaceous differentiation of Stensen's duct could also be considered a probable etiology due to the inclination towards the buccal region [14].
Cultures from wound, inflamed Stensen's duct, and blood returned Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The 20 artists that are part of the 2016-2017 'Artist in Residence' programme are: Frances Grane, Fahad al-Obaidly, Lulu al-Musfer, Zoe Hawk, Zach Stensen, Amr Elkafrawy, Richard Blackwell, Hana al-Saadi, Maryam Ahmed, Maryam al-Suwaidi, Mariah Dekkenga, Tanzeela Abbasi, Ahmed al-Jufairi, Maryam al-Semaitt, Nawar al-Mutlaq, Abeer al-Kuwari, Nesma Khodier, Juan Martinez, Maryam al-Homaid, and Titika Stamouli.
This report describes a salivary duct carcinoma (SDC) arising from the extraglandular portion of the Stensen duct.
Patients commonly have erythema of the overlying skin, and debris resembling snowflakes is occasionally present, with white mucopurulent fluid that can be milked from the Stensen's duct papilla opposite the second maxillary molar tooth.151 Understandably, the frequency of recurrences largely determines the patient's quality of life.