Ancestim Hematology An early growth factor with orphan drug status used with Neupogen®–filgrastim–rG-CSF to manage CA Pts receiving stem cell transplants, augmenting the effects of other growth factors to mobilize stem cells into blood for collection and transplantation. See Filgrastim.
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In September 2008, Amgen sold off rights to its drugs Kepivance and Stemgen to Biovitrum, which also bought an exclusive worldwide license to Kineret for its approved indication.
Swedish pharmaceutical company Biovitrum AB (OMX Stockholm: BVT) announced on Monday (15 September) that it has agreed to acquire the products Kepivance (palifermin) and Stemgen (ancestim) from Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN).
Kineret, Kepivance and Stemgen generated combined sales of nearly USD70m in 2007.
If, as expected, Amgen wins FDA approval next year for Stemgen, a drug that promotes the growth of blood platelets, it will be sure to have such tests ready at the start.
The committee endorsed the company's data, suggesting that adding Stemgen to Neupogen in patients undergoing autologous transplantation increased the proportion of patients able to reach a target number of stem cells to permit transplantation and that the risk/benefit ratio supports the indication.
Information about Stemgen can be found at the following Amgen site:
won the backing of an expert government panel for its Stemgen drug to boost the number of special cells needed for an immune-system rebuilding procedure used to fight late-stage cancer.
While analysts expected the recommendation, they said Stemgen will serve a small number of patients and is unlikely to make much difference in Amgen's overall sales.
Stemgen, a drug that stimulates the growth of cells that are the precursor to both white and red blood cells, is in Phase III trials, the last testing phase before FDA consideration.
A new product expected to come out next year is Stemgen, which is used with Amgen's Neupogen product to aid in transplants among cancer patients.
Hewitt oversaw the approval of Neupogen, Stemgen and Infergen.
Food and Drug Administration for its stem cell factor, STEMGEN (TM), during the second quarter.