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An herb that is rich in tannins, which is astringent and haemostatic. It is used internally for diarrhoea and heavy menses, and topically for cuts
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narrowleaf silkgrass Phyla nodiflora (L.) Greene turkey tangle fogfruit Stellaria media (L.) Villars chickweed Species Family Julian Origin date Agastache hybrid Lamiaceae 177 C Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach Asteraceae 319 N Aloysia virgata (H.R.
batch 35 et al., 2010 Leonhardt Stellaria media Exp, batch 35 et al., 2010 Leonhardt Trifolium Exp.
Species Collection State State Global Site (*) Status[dagger] Rank[dagger] Rank[dagger] (1) (2) (3) Ferns Dryopteris OS T S2 G5 cristata Woodwardia OR S S2 G5 virginica Dicots Caltha QU E S1 G5 palustris Hypericum OS E S1 G5 ellipticum Solidago ST E S1 G3/G4 Q lancifolia Stellaria QU E S1 G5 longifolia Vacciniurn OR T S2 G4 macrocarpon Monocots Cypripedium JO S S4 G5 acaule Eriophorum OR E S1/S2 G5 virginicum Glyceria JO S S1 G5 laxa * John's Bog (JO), Orchard Bog (OR), Osborne Bog (OS), Stoney Creek Bog (ST), Quarry Bog (QU) [dagger] Information for state status, state rank and global rank is based on the Tennessee Natural Heritage Program rare plant list (Tennessee Division of Natural Heritage, 2008).
Differential response of two Stellaria longipes ecotypes to ultraviolet-B radiation and drought stress.
Observatory is a first-crop son of Distant View, who won the Sussex Stakes for Abdullah and stood at Juddmonte's base in Kentucky before being exported to Argentina, and is out of Stellaria, a daughter of Roberto acquired for Abdullah as a Keeneland yearling and who won the Listed Rose Bowl Stakes at two.
Likewise the genus name Stellaria is appropriate for the star-like blossoms of the giant or star chickweed, Stellaria pubera.
Kidneys: Chickweed (Stellaria spp.) can be used to soothe distressed kidneys.
Un planhigyn bach digon disylw ydi gwlydd y dom (Stellaria media; common chickweed); hwn eto yn blanhigyn sy'n ymddangos yn gynnar yn y flwyddyn, a hynny fel arfer fel chwynnyn yn y borderi.
urens and Lamium album), common chickweed (Stellaria media), bittersweet (Solanum dulcamara) and black nightshade (Solanum nigrum).
Hinton 16565 Caesalpiniaceae Cassia monozyx Irwin & Barneby 17108 Caryophyllaceae Stellaria hintoniorum B.