Steinmann, Fritz

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Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1872-1932.
Steinmann calibrated pin
Steinmann extension
Steinmann fixation pin
Steinmann holder
Steinmann nail
Steinmann pin - used to transfix bone for traction or fixation.
Steinmann pin chuck
Steinmann pin fixation
Steinmann pin with ball bearing
Steinmann pin with Crowe pilot point
Steinmann pin with pin chuck
Steinmann test
Steinmann traction
Steinmann tractor
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If the patient is less than approximately 6 months of age, the exuberant callus expected will compensate considerably for the lack of rotational stability and simple Steinmann pin fixation would be adequate (Brinker et al., 2006).
Closed reduction with percutaneous Steinmann pin fixation (Essex-Lopresti Method) was done for all patients.