Steinmann, Fritz

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Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1872-1932.
Steinmann calibrated pin
Steinmann extension
Steinmann fixation pin
Steinmann holder
Steinmann nail
Steinmann pin - used to transfix bone for traction or fixation.
Steinmann pin chuck
Steinmann pin fixation
Steinmann pin with ball bearing
Steinmann pin with Crowe pilot point
Steinmann pin with pin chuck
Steinmann test
Steinmann traction
Steinmann tractor
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Angular measurements: A 5.5 cm long cannulated trocar sheath (Linvatec T4930 4 mm in diameter), was inserted after placing a guide wire and was then replaced with a 5 mm in diameter Steinmann nail. Afterwards measuring the angle of insertion of the nail with a conventional goniometer (precision of 0.1[degrees]) was performed for each portal using a transverse X axis (anterior to posterior) and a longitudinal Y axis (superior to inferior).
Anteroposterior image of the hip by fluoroscopy to confirm the placement of Steinmann nails in the correct intraarticular location.
There are a variety of intramedullary nail options, including the Kirschner nail, Push nail, Steinmann nail, Hagie nail, Knowles nail, Rockwood nail, elastic intramedullary nail (elastic stable intramedullary nail [ESIN]), and intramedullary screw nail [Figure 3], [Figure 4] and [Figure 5].