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Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1872-1932. See: Steinmann pin.


name given to specific designs of orthopedic hardware.

Steinmann extension
extension exerted on the distal fragment of a fractured bone by means of a nail or pin (Steinmann pin) driven into the fragment. Called also nail extension.
Steinmann pin
intramedullary pin with a choice of ends, either screw, chisel or trocar. Can be plain at one end or have one of the selected points at each end. Pin drills to drill the holes for the pins, and a chuck to grasp the end of the pin and drive or rotate it are available.
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This construct was similar to the 2 fixation pins configuration described above, except that the fixation pin usually placed at one end of the plastic bone model near the entrance of the Steinmann pin was placed 10 mm from the fracture gap in the same plastic bone section, n = 6.
Steinmann has treated--are young and active and "could put a prosthesis in jeopardy," he explained.
Zyliss worked with industrial design firm Ideo in making the product, looking at ergonomic factors as well as safety, Steinmann said.
So Steinmann boarded a plane that day for Lancaster, where he served as the JetHawks' hitting coach to end the 1998 season.
Steinmann has worked with Fentress Bradburn on three main projects, for the state of Washington, Clark County, Nev.
Mineral resource and reserve estimates for Huaron, Morococha, La Colorada, Dolores, Alamo Dorado, Manantial Espejo, San Vicente, La Bolsa, Pico Machay, and Calcatreu were prepared under the supervision of, or were reviewed by Michael Steinmann, P.
Thomas Tutken, a biochemist from the Steinmann Institut at the University of Bonn.
Lynn Steinmann, from Solihull, arranged for free ice creams to be given out to all the patients on the children's ward as her way of thanking staff after her 11-year-old daughter, Beth Harris, was treated with pneumonia and asthma problems last Christmas.
109-in) Steinmann pin (Steinmann intramedullary pin, IMEX Veterinary Inc, Longview, TX, USA) was inserted at the ostectomy site in the mid diaphysis and advanced out of the proximal humerus through the intumescentia humeri.
LONDON, February 16 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the announcement by RAJAR in the UK that the radio industry body has concluded from tests conducted in November 2004 that the GfK Telecontrol MediaWatch has failed to meet RAJAR's requirements as a suitable audience research technology, Matthias Steinmann, the CEO of the Telecontrol Group has made the following statement:
It doesn't make sense to have a couple of peelers stuck somewhere," said Hardy Steinmann, chief executive of Zyliss USA Corp.
Homecoming: Tonight's game with the Stampede will be a homecoming for former JetHawk Scott Steinmann, now a San Bernardino hitting coach, who played for Lancaster during the team's inaugural season in 1996.