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Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1872-1932. See: Steinmann pin.


name given to specific designs of orthopedic hardware.

Steinmann extension
extension exerted on the distal fragment of a fractured bone by means of a nail or pin (Steinmann pin) driven into the fragment. Called also nail extension.
Steinmann pin
intramedullary pin with a choice of ends, either screw, chisel or trocar. Can be plain at one end or have one of the selected points at each end. Pin drills to drill the holes for the pins, and a chuck to grasp the end of the pin and drive or rotate it are available.
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Pinos de Steinmann e fios de Kirschner sao amplamente utilizados em Medicina Veterinaria (JOHNSON & HULSE, 2005) e a dobra de uma das extremidades ou o uso de pinos com rosca diminuem a possibilidade de migracao (MORELLI & MORELLI, 1994).
The Steinmann pin protruded 1 cm from its exit point at the plastic bone extremity, n = 10.
It was put together by a team of four - Pascale-Marie Deschamps, Michel Derenbourg, Claire Aube and Lionel Steinmann.
WASHINGTON -- Osteocapsular arthroscopy aimed at reshaping the glenoid bone may--with more long-term experience--be proven an effective treatment for patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis who do not desire total shoulder replacement, Scott Steinmann, M.
The boy's father, Rodney Steinmann, has asked that he be put into his custody.
In developing the new Zyliss mandoline, Steinmann said designers were told to keep the price point below $50.
This entire team -- and it's led by Curt -- knows how to listen," says Jim Steinmann, principal of SGS Group, which represents owners in very large building projects.
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The K-Wire and Steinmann Pin Sterilization Case is designed to provide easy access and identification of 4", 6" and 9" K-Wires and Steinmann Pins in popular diameter sizes.