Steinberg, I.

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Steinberg thumb sign - in Marfan syndrome, when the thumb is held across the palm of the same hand it projects well beyond the ulnar surface of the hand.
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Steinberg Global Asset Management, co-founded in 1993 by Richard Steinberg, CFA, and his father, Norman Steinberg, is known for its customized investment strategies; experienced, dedicated portfolio management team; and close relationships with the clients they serve.
Steinberg, is quoted as follows in The Jewish Week "[Elan] was the one who really made that organization (the WJC) what it became [the staunch aggressive no-holds-barred defender of the rights of Holocaust victims and their surviving relatives].
US Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg, is in Sofia for meetings with the Bulgarian government.
The fatal flaw with both of these approaches, according to Steinberg, is that they operate on the premise of having to know the threat first in order to combat it.