Harry, U.S. physiologist and chemist, 1886-1967. See: Steenbock unit.
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Harry Steenbock and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Fund to illustrate the
The company can trace its scientific roots back to the early vitamin D work of renowned UW-Madison Professor Harry Steenbock. The company achieved great success upon the development of its vitamin D analog, later commercialized in Zemplar in the late nineties.
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Ivo Schindler, Customer Project Manager, Aircraft Component Services, Lufthansa Technik Ravinder Pal Singh, CIO, Air Works Jan Steenbock, VP Marketing & Sales Far East Asia, MTU Maintenance David Stewart, VP, SH&E Jeff Tomei, Director, Business Development, Sales, & Marketing, Spirit AeroSystems Arjo Widjoseno, GM Internal Audit & Control, GMF AeroAsia Lutz Wierschin, Director, Component Development, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co.
Although they reported slightly higher oocyst production in rats given a high protein diet compared to a "normal" diet, their study used only 5 rats in each group and the higher protein diet was supplemented with casein and Steenbock's ration for protein.
Os trabalhos desenvolvidos com isoenzimas permitiram a deteccao de 11 sistemas alozimicos (SCHEFFER, 2001; PERECIN & KAGEYAMA, 2002; STEENBOCK, 2003), os quais foram eficientes para descrever a variabilidade em M.